StudOn is a university-internal learning-plattform

For every course the lecturer can create a group on StudOn so he can exchange course material with you, the students. Furthermore the plattform offers the possibility to chat with others, to organise courses and to submit homework.

The plattform is accessible via the following link:

Students kann use their IdM username (only Single-Sign On possible!)


First click on Online Angebote (online offer) and then on Online Angebote – Einstiegsseite (online offer-front page).



You will see an overview similar to UnivIS.

You can find geography here: 4. Nat » 4.3 Geographie und Geowissenschaften » Geographie.

For teaching-studies: You can find the subject didactis here: 1. Phil » 1.3 Fachdidaktiken » Didaktik der Geographie




The courses of geography are sorted by the lecturer’s last names. Which course is taught by whom can be found on UnivIS.

To join a course click on Aktionen (actions) and then on Beitreten (join).

Perhaps a password is needed. It will be released in the respective course (physical attendance necessary :D).



All courses should be found with the search tool.