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  • Accreditation of examinations
  • Bachelor thesis
  • Lecturers and people to contact
  • Events and parties
  • FAU Card
  • FSI 
  • Colloquium
  • Illness on exam day
  • Minors
  • Internship
  • Software
  • Creating your timetable


If you’re still unsure or have further questions you’re free to contact us.



Accreditation of examinations.

  • I need an acknowledgment of my old examinations from abroad, what do I have to do?

Firstly you will need to create a so called learning-agreement paper which you have to present to the partner university. This learning agreement consists of a list of courses that you would like to take. You will also need to present the paper to the person who is responsible for accreditations at our institute (atm. Its Herr Prof. Dr. Bäumler). Make sure, that the courses are subject-related. After completing the foreign courses, you will receive a so called transcript of records which consists of your test performances and/ or grades. Now you will have to submit this paper to the person who is responsible for accreditations. A document on which you list your test performances separately and collected is also to be submitted. Make sure to list the ECTS points as well. After the document was signed you will have to bring it to Frau Schmitt at the examination office. You can find the needed document under this URL: https://www.fau.de/files/2015/09/Antrag-auf-Anerkennung.docx

  • I need an acknowledgment of a course i took at the FAU (minors for example)

With agreement of your lecturer you will need a record of your test performances. It is possible, that your lecturer has recorded your grades in meinCampus even if you haven’t registered. For acknowledgment you will need this document: https://www.fau.de/files/2015/09/Antrag-auf-Anerkennung.docx

After filling out you will have to take it to the person who is responsible for acknowledgment (atm: Herr Prof. Dr. Bäumler) for a signature. Afterwards you will have to take it to the examination office to Frau Schmitt.




Bachelor thesis

  • Where to submit the bachelor thesis.
    A: At the examination office to Frau Schmitt
  • Where will i get my bachelor certificate?
    A: As soon as your results have been recorded at meinCampus you can get your certificate at the examination office from Frau Schmitt.
  • How many copies of my thesis do I have to submit?
    A:  Generally one copy is enough. To avoid misunderstandings please talk to your lecturer beforehand.

Lecturers and people to contact.

  • Where can i find an overview of contact information like e-mails, phone numbers and so on?
    A: On the homepage of our institute under “Personen”.
  • Who do I contact if I have an issue with a lecture?

A: Generally, such issues are addressed “bottom up”. This means that you would like to talk to this particular lecturer at first. If there is no possible solution you can address the dean of studies. In certain situations, the FSI could also function as a mediator.



Events and parties

  • What is a GeoFete?
    A: We love to celebrate the end of another, hopefully successful semester with a big party. In summer we celebrate on the meadow behind the Hörsaal C with a live band, a DJ, drinks and barbeque.
  • Nachtwanderung
    A: At the beginning of every semester the Nachtwanderung takes place. We meet at the cafeteria at Kochstraße 4 and walk further to the Bürgermeistersteg afterwards where we traditionally play one or two rounds of flunkyball. After crowing the winning team we proceed to walk to the Whörlmühlinsel where we continue to party with drinks and a bonfire.
  • Glühweinaktion
    A: Extremely popular and warming in the cold winter months: Mullet wine or Glühwein, how we say in Germany, literally meaning “lit wine”. Before Christmas we sell mullet wine before and after a certain lecture and at the institute 🙂

FAU Card



  • What is an FSI and what are you doing?
    A:  The FSI or Fachschaftsinitiative is something like a student association group. As the name suggests we represent the interests of the students and organize certain events and parties like mentioned above. Furthermore, you can find more information here: FSI Geogrpahie – wer wie was wo?
  • How can i participate?
    A:  You are free to approach the members at any given time, whether you see us at the institute or via social media. You can also come to our weekly meetings.


  • Where can I get a Kolloquimspass?
  • A: You can receive the Kolloquuimspass
  • Which lectures am I allowed to visit?
    A: Bachelor students who are studying under the new exam regulations can visit 12 lectures of their choice of KG/PG or FGG. Bachelor students who are studying under the old exam regulations have to choose between KG and PG while FGG lectures are not acknowledged.


  • Illness on exam day

A: If you are physically unable to participate in an exam you will be excused, subject to   the condition that you present a medical certificate at the examination office immediately. Furthermore, you will have to fill in this document: https://www.fau.de/studium/im-studium/pruefungen-studienordnungen/pruefungsamt-naturwissenschaftliche-fakultaet/

In the case of an oral examination you will have to contact your lecturer directly.



  • Do i have to choose a minor in my first semster?

A: We suggest that you do so, for multiple reasons:
– Some lectures are only provided in the winter semesters and are required for other lecures oft the same minor ( which is not always the case, please check the exam regulations for further information).
–  An evenly distribution of ECTS points can reduce the stress of studying for you.
–  Furthermore you have to finish one minor module to pass the GOP until the end of your third semester.

How often can I take an exam in my minor subjects?
A: Generally, three times unless it is your first minor module which falls into the GOP. Then you will have only two attempts to pass the exam.

What happens if i fail an exam finally?
A: The certain module will be permanently blocked for you.
* if you managed to gain at least 10 ECTS points, the module can still be accredited as a 10-point minor.

* You are also able to start a new module within the same subject to “replace” the one you failed for good.

* You can also start a module within a different subject.



  • Can i intern in my last semester?
    A: Yes, as long as you are still matriculated.


  • Do i need my own computer to study Geography at the FAU, to submit homework for example?
    A: Generally speaking not. The institute provides you with every required software at the CIP rooms.
  • What kind of software is used?
    A: Depending on your mayor there is multiple software that is used.
    – ArcGIS: A software used for GIS related tasks ( creating maps and processing geodata)
    – QGIS: An opensource alternative to ArcGis
    – R und R-Studio: Statistic software to accomplish statistical tasks.
    – SPSS von IBM: A statistical program with a graphical user interface
    – Geomatica: A software to process satellite date
    – Adobe Acrobat Pro: Useful for pdfs.
    – Adobe Illustrator: A software based on vector data.
    – Microsoft Office: Word, Powerpoint, Excel etc….
    – Adobe Photoshop: Photoshopping / digital picture processing
    – GIMP: Free alternative to photoshop.
  •  Are there any free or affordable software options for students?

Yes, the RRZE (Regionale Rechen Zentrum Erlangen) provides the students with a wide range of free software. You can find further information under this URL:


Creating your timetable?

  • I have noticed an overlap between my minor and my mayor.

A: Generally there is a lot of flexibility regarding your timetable so it is possible to delay or prepone certain lectures.  Although during your first two semesters it is recommended to study according to the model timetable because lots of lectures are relevant to pass the GOP. It is also easier to adjust your minors to your mayor. When in doubt, favor geography.

What is an appropriate amount of ECTS points per semester?

A: This depends on every student individually. We recommend earning approximately 30-35 ECTS points per semester. An orientation for subject’s orientation within geography is provided in your module overview.


  • How do i create my timetable?
    A: To create a timetable please use univis.fau.de
    It provides you with an overview of all lectures and the tools to create a timetable.
  • Scientific Writing

What are the rules for citation in an scientific context? Furthermore, is there any advice for presnatations et cetera?
A: ESGEO 1 answers these questions.
Institut für Geographie der Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (2012): Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten: Recherchieren, Produzieren, Präsentieren. 3. bearb. und akt. Aufl. (= Erlanger Skripte zum Geographiestudium 1). Erlangen.
You can download the pdf version for free from the institute’s website.

Overlap of two exams.


Unfortunately, i have noticed an overlap within two exams and can only participate in one of them. What do I have to do now?


A: There is a document specifically for this case. The lecturers of both lectures will have to sign it. Afterwards you will have to deliver the document to the exam’s office.