You can create your schedule at UnivIS. Which courses to take in which semester can be found out  at the homepage of the institute under “recomended studies”:



An overview with all courses during your studies can be found under “module overview”. This spreadsheet also tells you which course is recommended for which semester. In the “module plan” you can only find the abbreviations for each course and a short description, but not its actual content. The current subjects (the actual content) for each course are found at UnivIS.

When you now which course u want to take you can start creating your schedule.


Go to UniVis

Click of lecture directory and reassure yourself that the correct semester is selected (top right corner).

Click on faculty of sciences.




Click on Geographie.



Here you find the courses of geography. They are divided (corresponing with the exam regulations) into:

  • VORL: lecture
  • SEM / ÜB / MET: seminar, practice, methods seminar
  • EX: field trip
  • DidGeo: subject didactics (for teaching-studies)
  • TUT: tutorial (voluntary, additional course with further content for lectures, held by students ==> StudOn content in the according lectures folder!)



Chose the respective course, by clicking the small box with the grid next to the course-name. Repeat this for every course you want to take. When you have selected all of them, click on “collection/class schedule”.


You will receive an overview of all your chosen courses. If you are satisfied, click on “class schedule” on the left side, which will automatically create a schedule. The menu on the left will give you the option to download your schedule as a pdf-file.


If you have any problems creating your schedule, feel free to contact us!